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Kay Ryan Goes to the AWP

and writes a long, but interesting and amusing piece on it in Poetry, but misses the perfect chance to use the word _materteral_.

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Camille Paglia Interview

The Morning News – Camille Paglia, by Robert Birnbaum Interesting interview, well worth the time to read, even if Birnbaum comes across as a bit of a twit. I might have to pick up her new book, _Break, Blow, Burn_.

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Poet: Ogden Nash – All poems of Ogden Nash Sweet. I have a whacking great book with 650 of Ogden Nash’s poems, so it’s not that so much as itself. I love sites like this. Ooooh, and you can

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Just because

I maundered loathly as a clod that blundered, high, toked to the gills when all at once I said, My God! I find I’m smoking daffodils!

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