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Best Attack Ad Ever

If this doesn’t persuade you, nothing will

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Zombies in Comics – dinosaur comics – June 10th 2005 And, yes, they are that kind of Zombie. Qwantz has a surprising amount of philosophy (and linguistics) for a clipart comic strip featuring dinosaurs.

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What is Your World View Quiz :: What is Your World View? (corrected…again) This is a really weird quiz, I think, because the questions are so vague. I took it once and was outraged that it pegged me as being substantially post-modernist, so I took

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Begging the Question

John & Belle Have A Blog: Begging the Question bq. but here’s a language nit: “The denser linking pattern of conservatives begged the question of whether the conservative bloggers had a more uniform voice than the liberal ones did.” Philosophers

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