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All Beowulf, All the Time!

Unlocked Wordhoard: Beowulf Review Round-Up, Part II: Wiglaf’s Revenge Professor Richard Nokes, medievalist, has been all over the new Beowulf movie.  I’ve got to say, with each new project he undertakes my respect for Neil Gaiman’s talent drops further.

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Howl’s Moving Castle

By a startling coincidence, Miyazaki has made a movie that happens to have the same name as one of my favorite YA novels. Even some of the characters have the same names. It wasn’t bad, exactly, although it was trite,

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Making fun of the Sith, because it’s easy

Tightly Wound: Thumbnail Guide to the Sith Me, I’m not going to see it. I just don’t care about the Star Wars back-story. Hell, after the changes Lucas wrought I barely care about Star Wars itself any more. Or, as

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