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Hopefully, this will put the issue to rest

Language Log » Advice from numbers So we can quantify Arnold’s surmise. In spoken English, even in fairly formal settings, hopefully is not ambiguous, because it’s essentially never used as a manner adverb. In written English non-fiction, the manner-adverbial use

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Language Myths

I got this a little while back, and while it was enjoyable enough, I found it a bit repetitive. If you know anything about linguistics (even as little as I know), there’s not a lot here that will be new

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Does Steve Martin’s Mental Grammar Match Yours?

Wild and Crazy WTF « Literal-Minded On the very first page, though, I found this strange passage: …the mouth speaking the line, the body delivering the gesture, while the mind looks back, observing, analyzing, judging, worrying, and then deciding when

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That’ll keep the riff-raff out

Of course, the tool this came from gives no indication whatsoever of what method it uses to determine readability, and sneakily inserts a link to an advertiser in the html they give you to copy, so caveat lector. Update: After

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Adieu, OED Online

Parting is such sweet sorrow. I love the OED Online, and I don’t quite know what I’m going to do to replace it, but I don’t quite love it enough for $395 a year for an individual subscription. You folks

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Nerd Pr0n

Main Page – NLTK NLTK — the Natural Language Toolkit — is a suite of open source Python modules, data and documentation for research and development in natural language processing. NLTK contains Code supporting dozens of NLP tasks, along with

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Computational Resources for Linguistic Research

Computational Resources for Linguistic Research Bill Poser, who posts at Language Log, maintains a page of goodies for computers and linguistics, with lots of links to freeware that runs on Unix systems. Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much abandoned Linux (gave away

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Incomprehensible Headline?

In Dynamist Blog: Incomprehensible Headline, Virginia Postrel writes: bq.. Bush’s Aid Cuts on Court Issue Roil Neighbors Unless you click to the story, you’ll never figure out what it means. Or at least I couldn’t. p. Well, it is headline-ese

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Grammatical Terminology, Tongue-In-Cheek

Grammatical Terminology bq.. *Q*: So, what exactly is a noun? *A*: Noun comes from the Latin word for “name.” Nouns name what you’re talking about. For example, if I had to name what you’re doing, I’d say you’re interviewing me.

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The Cult of Strunk and White

I tried to talk him out of his Strunk and White idolatry in the comments section…at least it’s not one of the more objectionable of S&W’s diktats.

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