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Things you need to know about Altavista Babelfish Translation Service

Altavista Babelfish is the oldest online translation services in the World Wide Web that accurately translates sentences in different languages, which include Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Greek, German, French, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. The

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How Dumb Is That?

Prompted by a query by one of my friends as to whether we tended to say “dumb as a bag of hammers”, “dumb as a box of hair”, or “dumb as a box of hammers” I did the following Googling

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Language Myths

I got this a little while back, and while it was enjoyable enough, I found it a bit repetitive. If you know anything about linguistics (even as little as I know), there’s not a lot here that will be new

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OED CD-Rom on Vista

I finally got the OED working again on my new machine (which involved sending the original disks back to OUP-US so they would send me the new point release version that works under Vista, because there’s apparently no patch process).

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W00t, there it is!

The origins of w00t: The Lexicographer’s Rules, the weblog of Grant Barrett The most likely explanation, as is usually the case, is far simpler. Woot is, with some caveats, probably derived from and most likely popularized by the dance catch

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Speaking of Transcription

If I were a journalist, a student, or really anyone whose job required taking notes on what people say, I would be all over this.  As it is I’m kind of wishing my job actually did require it, just so

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W00t! Sort of

Grousing about losing my access to the online OED (and a sleepless night due to a head-cold) led me to give another go at installing the CD-ROM version, and this time I discovered some helpful information on the Oxford University

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You’ve Got Another X Coming

Here’s the result of a poll I took on one of the boards I frequent (a board for a group of City of Heroes players). Comments on the poll were disallowed, to try to prevent people from influencing each other’s

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And Another Think

Language Log: Another thing coming Google has 146,000 hits for “another thing coming”, most of which are not the Judas Priest song, vs. 49,300 for “another think coming”, which I’m pretty sure is the original expression. (Arnold Zwicky observed thing’s

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Adieu, OED Online

Parting is such sweet sorrow. I love the OED Online, and I don’t quite know what I’m going to do to replace it, but I don’t quite love it enough for $395 a year for an individual subscription. You folks

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