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Never too busy to blog?

Yes, I know that I posted something just after I whined that I didn’t have time to post anything. But, but….it was cool! And after I opened up bloglines to see if it updated correctly, I just had to take

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Thinking in Language

It occurs to me that when I say, on the front page of the site, that thoughts form in my mind and are then articulated in English, I’m saying something that might be controversial. Some people might say that thinking

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A Change in Direction

Since I haven’t been posting about linguistic topics to this blog very much recently (and in fact all my blog posting has been dwindling), I’ve decided to consolidate a bit, and make this my main blog since it’s the one

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Scanlations as “Theft”

from a comment I left on Comics Worth Reading: I easily deny that scanlations are theft from the creators.  Calling it theft is an attempt to set the terms of the debate by means of a false analogy. Or are

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What I’ve been doing

I continue to be really bad at predicting what I’m going to have enough enthusiasm to work on in my free time.  I’ve made no progress at all on getting back into doing any comics, but I’ve made a great

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Art for Art’s Sake

I’m planning on getting back into doing comics, to give myself a creative outlet.  One minor problem: my wife glommed onto the Macbook Pro that I used to use for these things.  She’d be willing to loan it back on

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Ubuntu 8.04 to the Rescue

Yay!  Installing Ubuntu 8.04 instead of Easy-Peasy fixed my wireless access (basically by downgrading the drivers to ones that worked–theoretically I could have done that by fetching them and compiling them, but without net access I was missing too many

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An Important Safety Tip

Who are the aggressive drivers? Watch out for cars with bumper stickers. That’s the surprising conclusion of a recent study by Colorado State University social psychologist William Szlemko. Drivers of cars with bumper stickers, window decals, personalized license plates and

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Gagarin was not the first cosmonaut

Gagarin was not the first cosmonaut – Pravda.Ru As 40 years have passed since Gagarin’s flight, new sensational details of this event were disclosed: Gagarin was not the first man to fly to space. Three Soviet pilots died in attempts

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I Want Candy!

What I Did Over Christmas Vacation « Miss(ed) Manners ‘This past Christmas Vacation my brothers, sister, myself and my girlfriend built a scale replica of the battle of Helms Deep, from the second book of the Lord of the Rings

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