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Narbonic Free This Month

Shaenon Garrity, author of my favorite webcomic, Narbonic, just sent this to the mailing list: bq. This year, for the first time, “Narbonic”: is nominated in the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards ( It’s nominated in two categories, Outstanding Writing and

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Zombies in Comics – dinosaur comics – June 10th 2005 And, yes, they are that kind of Zombie. Qwantz has a surprising amount of philosophy (and linguistics) for a clipart comic strip featuring dinosaurs.

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Chomping on Chomsky?

Randy Milholland, of Something Positive fame (if fame is the right word), has a new comic:Midnight Macabre – Updating Monday Through Friday. It’s set in 1981 and it’a about a young guy taking over a local TV station’s late night

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12-Pixel Superhero Test

Here’s a cute little app that quizzes you on (grossly simplified, 12-pixel) versions of Superhero Chest Symbols Bear in mind that what it’s showing you is 12 pixels representing the chest and waist of the hero/villain. Don’t try and interpret

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