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An Important Safety Tip

Who are the aggressive drivers? Watch out for cars with bumper stickers. That’s the surprising conclusion of a recent study by Colorado State University social psychologist William Szlemko. Drivers of cars with bumper stickers, window decals, personalized license plates and

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Microsoft, sucking by design

PC World – Business Center: Vista Security Is Annoying by Design Ars picked up this tidbit at the recent RSA 2008 security conference in San Francisco, where David Cross, Microsoft’s product unit manager for Windows security, discussed the company’s security

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Hopefully, this will put the issue to rest

Language Log » Advice from numbers So we can quantify Arnold’s surmise. In spoken English, even in fairly formal settings, hopefully is not ambiguous, because it’s essentially never used as a manner adverb. In written English non-fiction, the manner-adverbial use

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How Dumb Is That?

Prompted by a query by one of my friends as to whether we tended to say “dumb as a bag of hammers”, “dumb as a box of hair”, or “dumb as a box of hammers” I did the following Googling

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