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OED CD-Rom on Vista

I finally got the OED working again on my new machine (which involved sending the original disks back to OUP-US so they would send me the new point release version that works under Vista, because there’s apparently no patch process).

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Statistics and Assumptions

EconLog, Alcohol and Non-Linear Dosage Effects, Bryan Caplan: Library of Economics and Liberty Our years overlapped, but when I was an undergrad at Berkeley, I never met Aaron Wildavsky. My loss. Here’s a great passage he wrote (along with Adam

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Gagarin was not the first cosmonaut

Gagarin was not the first cosmonaut – Pravda.Ru As 40 years have passed since Gagarin’s flight, new sensational details of this event were disclosed: Gagarin was not the first man to fly to space. Three Soviet pilots died in attempts

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