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Does Steve Martin’s Mental Grammar Match Yours?

Wild and Crazy WTF « Literal-Minded On the very first page, though, I found this strange passage: …the mouth speaking the line, the body delivering the gesture, while the mind looks back, observing, analyzing, judging, worrying, and then deciding when

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Books that Changed My Life

1. The study game: How to play and win with “Statement-PIE”, by Laia Hanau The book that taught me how to study and take useful notes. I so wish I ran into it before my Junior year of college. 2.

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TNR vs Kindle

TNR gets taken down a peg by Ann Althouse over the snobbery and sexism that it displays in its anti-Kindle editorial Althouse: I get pissed off at TNR. The breathless, Bezos-loving man from Newsweek says that he is reading Boswell’s

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W00t, there it is!

The origins of w00t: The Lexicographer’s Rules, the weblog of Grant Barrett The most likely explanation, as is usually the case, is far simpler. Woot is, with some caveats, probably derived from and most likely popularized by the dance catch

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Confirmation Bias in Action

Ever since I decided, some time ago, that Wikipedia had serious problems in accountability and transparency in their meta-editing process, I’ve derived a certain sour satisfaction from articles like this: Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia | The Register Controversy has

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Speaking of Transcription

If I were a journalist, a student, or really anyone whose job required taking notes on what people say, I would be all over this.  As it is I’m kind of wishing my job actually did require it, just so

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