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Computational Resources for Linguistic Research

Computational Resources for Linguistic Research Bill Poser, who posts at Language Log, maintains a page of goodies for computers and linguistics, with lots of links to freeware that runs on Unix systems. Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much abandoned Linux (gave away

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Why Google Will Probably Prevail

Google Print (application/pdf Object) Despite the attempt by the Authors Guild to cut the noses off of their authors to spite their faces, according to this analysis Google will probably prevail with a fair-use defense, assuming that the court follows

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Ordinarily I wouldn’t point this out

But if somebody who “sells a Strunk & White Revelations T-Shirt”: can’t get the apostrophe right, then… Philosophical Snarks Archives bq. Hurricane Rita has, as of this writing, just been upgraded to Category 5. It’s barometric pressure is worse

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Roger L. Simon: You never write, you never call, you never email!

Roger L. Simon: You never write, you never call, you never email! Google’s not asking permission, because what Google is doing is fair use, if it’s even reproduction or distribution at all. Google and its lawyers say (and I happen

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Progress Report

528 books cataloged, 4 bookcases complete, 17 bookcases to go. Several of them are full of manga and comic collections, though, so that might wait til a second pass… I’m discovering books that I had forgotten I owned, or had

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Cataloging until I’m Catatonic

I was up past midnight last night cataloging, and I’ve gotten 237 books done. That’s approximately the builtin bookcase next to the fireplace, plus the top two shelves of the bookcase next to the computer (which are stacked two deep

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My Library

I’ve added a widget in the sidebar that displays random books from my library, via “LibraryThing”: Cool, ne? Hacking the WordPress template wasn’t hard, but figuring out exactly where to hack was a pain in the _tuchis_.

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Quidam cuiusdam

Qu�dam cuiusdam is a blog about library tech. Well, somedbody’s got to blog about it, right?

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Whatchamacallit…on the tip of my tongue

OneLook Reverse Dictionary hat tip (again) to: “language hat”:

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LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online This looks really interesting: a way to catalog your books online. It’s cheap (free for up to 200 volumes, $10 for a lifetime subscription after that), and it appears to be really easy to

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