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Incomprehensible Headline?

In Dynamist Blog: Incomprehensible Headline, Virginia Postrel writes: bq.. Bush’s Aid Cuts on Court Issue Roil Neighbors Unless you click to the story, you’ll never figure out what it means. Or at least I couldn’t. p. Well, it is headline-ese

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Kay Ryan Goes to the AWP

and writes a long, but interesting and amusing piece on it in Poetry, but misses the perfect chance to use the word _materteral_.

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All the News That We’re too Proud to Check

Ah, hell, I’m getting tired of coming up with new ways of mocking the NYT’s arrogance. languagehat is tearing his hair out over the paper of record’s refusal to consult a dictionary before offering its pronunciation advice: bq. I had

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Camille Paglia Interview

The Morning News – Camille Paglia, by Robert Birnbaum Interesting interview, well worth the time to read, even if Birnbaum comes across as a bit of a twit. I might have to pick up her new book, _Break, Blow, Burn_.

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Poet: Ogden Nash – All poems of Ogden Nash Sweet. I have a whacking great book with 650 of Ogden Nash’s poems, so it’s not that so much as itself. I love sites like this. Ooooh, and you can

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Grammatical Terminology, Tongue-In-Cheek

Grammatical Terminology bq.. *Q*: So, what exactly is a noun? *A*: Noun comes from the Latin word for “name.” Nouns name what you’re talking about. For example, if I had to name what you’re doing, I’d say you’re interviewing me.

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Translit – Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic Transliteration

This looks interesting. Too bad I don’t have Microsoft Office 2003, and have no intention of getting it. Translit – Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic Transliteration bq.. Hate receiving emails from your friends written in Latin alphabet? Bored searching for a

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Eek! An error in the OED!

Seriously. The OED software gives a word of the day when you start it up. Today’s word is *inconsciently*, which the OED defines as _unknowningly_. I’m pretty sure from the context sentences that should read _unknowingly_. Just in case, I

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Huzzah! It must be mine!

OUP: The Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition) on CD-ROM version 3.1 bq. The full content of the Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition), the three Additions volumes, and now almost 2,000 new words and phrases from the OED’s ongoing research programme.

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The Cult of Strunk and White

I tried to talk him out of his Strunk and White idolatry in the comments section…at least it’s not one of the more objectionable of S&W’s diktats.

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