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A group of four coverall-clad workmen were gathered near the elevators the other day, fiddling with a partially disassembled door (all the doors leading into the interior spaces of our building have magnetic locks), their tools spread out around them.

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Dude Sighting

Set your wayback machine to…well, last February: Home Run

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Buffalo Gals Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo. Is that a valid English sentence? Can you parse it if you haven’t had it explained to you before? (if you haven’t, try it with some extra words to

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Out of Little Eggcorns

Mighty weathervanes grow. Naked Translations, in discussing how to translate flip-flop into French has a really neat discussion of the evolution of the French term for weathervane: _girouette_. A crucial step appears like it might have been an eggcorn. _Wirewite_

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Are you hep to the jive?

bq. John Leland kicks off his entertaining new book, Hip: The History, with a seductive little linguistic anecdote. The word hip, he says, derives from the West African language Wolof, and was “cultivated by slaves” from West Africa. Leland goes

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And yet whom lives on

In some webcomics like qwantz at least

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Puny Humans! Prepare to consult the bibliography!

Tip of the hat to It’s Ablaut Time for pointing out the amusingly-named MorBo bibliography of morphology literature at the University of Bologna.

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Riddle Me This

It’s cheating if you remember them from the Hobbit.

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