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Un-selling Out

“Websnark”: asks what do you even call the opposite of selling out. The obvious answer is “buying in”, but somehow that doesn’t seem quite right.

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J. R. R. Tolkien & the OED

Since reading the Professor and the Madman got me interested, I’ve been perusing the OED Newsletter. One interesting item: J. R. R. Tolkien & the OED – June 2002 Newsletter – Oxford English Dictionary bq. Amid all the publicity surrounding

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The OED, now with more OE!

bq. The revision of Old English material in the Third Edition will be thoroughgoing. Every single Old English quotation, whether already in OED or newly added, is being checked against the most recent reliable edition of the text, with new

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The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language

I was reading this on the train up to Providence, and back. I figure that in about eight pretty solid hours of reading I managed to get almost all the way through…two chapters. And I used to pride myself on

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Guess the Source

bq. And there are the girls—young, chocolate-skinned, ever-giggling naked girls with sleek wet bodies, rosebud nipples, long hair, coltish legs, and scarlet and purple petals folded behind their ears—who play in the white Indian Ocean surf and who run, quite

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Plus Je Too Darn Lucky

I love songs that playfully quote other languages. “Plus Je T’Embrasse”, as performed by Blossom Dearie is one such, containing the lovely line that’s the headline of this post and the only English in the song. Short phrases are what

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The Professor and the Madman

The Professor and the Madman was certainly an interesting story. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about one of the most valuable (prolific and thorough) volunteer contributors to the Oxford English Dictionary, who happened to have been an inmate

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The Case for Dropping Whom

Casey and Andy ’cause everybody likes a good cartoon about grammar

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Wordgumbo Main Index Wordgumbo is a site with quite a number of lexicons for various languages: * Albanian * Baltic * Latvian * Lithuanian * Celtic * Breton * Irish Gaelic * Scottish Gaelic * Welsh * Afrikaans * Danish

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A Blast From the Past

See what happens when I stop blogging for a couple of months? All sorts of interesting discussions come and go…in this case It’s Ablaut Time weighs in on spelling reform. And come the revolution “weighs” is going to be one

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