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Apropos of hapax logomena, logomacy is one. Or at least it was until a handful of other bloggers used it as the proper name for this blog. As it stands, all google hits on logomacy point to this site or

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Spelling Reform

Language Log: More on Spelling Reform I’ve been meaning to get around to this for a while, but on reading Bill Poser’s take on spelling reform, I think that the objection that Via de Argilla raises that historical spelling (or

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The Language Museum

The Language Museum is an interesting little site that attempt to realize the Language Museum proposed in Bodmer’s _The Loom of Language_ as a website. There you can look at word list of various languages, organized by family, side-by-side (with

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Hapax Legomenon

A hapax legomenon is a word or phrase that occurs only once in a given corpus (usually an entire language, but sometimes in a particular text, or the work of a particular author). They are often found in dead languages,

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Hapax Legomena and Spam

p. It used to be that hapax legomena were mostly something of interest to linguists and other word-freaks–after all, what use is a word that doesn’t occur anywhere else (and thus is often of uncertain meaning)? Well, if you’re a

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