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Searching for Eggcorns

I am Internally grateful to Language Log for introducing me to the concept of eggcorns. Searching for eggcorns is indeed a hard road to hoe. Sometimes you need to “take another tact”: and learn to “tow the line”:

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Blogs and Wikis

Jason , of My blogging experiment, asked in one of the comments for my suggestions on blog and wiki software that he might use in teaching ESL. Rather than bury my answer in the comments, I’ll put it here. *Blogs*

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Fill your prescription here

I’m a prescriptivist. I admit it. I’m even a prescriptivist of a type that’s catalogued in Language Log: A Field Guide to Prescriptivists, namely a Fashion Prescriptivist. bq. Fashion– how an admired group talks. Deviation is alienation. p. In my

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I am that I am

You are a GRAMMAR GOD! If your mission in life is not already to preserve the English tongue, it should be. Congratulations and thank you! Thanks to fellow Grammar God, Tun Yin for the link.

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Other Things on This Site

For people who’ve landed directly on this blog without passing through the “entry page”: to the site, some things on this site that might be of some interest: * “Old English Wiki”:../cgi-bin/ – a wiki with information on Old English

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More on Learning Languages

More things that I wish I knew when I first set out (feel free to take these cum grano salis. I’m not a language teacher, nor am I you, your milage may vary, etc.): When it comes to exposing yourself

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Learning Languages

I love learning new languages. Too bad I’m not very good at it; at least, I’ve never reached the point of fluency with any language except English. At my best I’ve reached the stage of being able to read a

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