Payday loan help -How to consolidate payday loans?

How to consolidate payday loans?

Do you want to know how to consolidate your debts? Looking for refinancing and want to find out about Astrofinance debt consolidation? Have you heard of The Borrowers for debt consolidation or even debt consolidation loans? Astrofinance offers various refinancing solutions for those who have requested more than one loan and would like to consolidate the various payments in a single monthly installment.

We offers the customer the opportunity to collect all his payday loans in a single installment. With us the customer has the opportunity to close all the Borrowers in progress, have only one monthly installment and maybe carry out a new project, reimbursing a sum in any case lower than those previously paid.

Choose refinancing

Thanks to Astrofinance’s debt consolidation, instead of a lot of financing, you choose one for all: get together The Borrowers in one.

Today, paying for the purchase of goods or services has become a convenient and advantageous practice, with the result, however, that it can become inconvenient to pay more regular due dates on a regular basis, without considering that more contemporary financing can make it difficult to keep the total debt situation under control..

Refinance a Astrofinance loan

It doesn’t matter if the loan was contracted with the same financial company that is being asked to consolidate or if the type of The Borrowers is different or if The Borrowers have been granted by different financial institutions, everything is easier to control, comfortable and transparent. : a single and blocked rate (TAN) for the entire duration, one installment per month and one deadline to keep in mind.

Astrofinance: debt consolidation

With refinancing, you get a lower installment for all your financing and, if you wish, you can request additional liquidity for your needs or desires!

The major advantage of a consolidation loan is that you can pay off your loans without having to think about the different deadlines of the requested Borrowers and that thanks to competitive interest rates you can extend the duration of your loan.

In order to obtain a debt consolidation loan, it is necessary to submit an application by attaching a valid identity document, the last pay slip or the unique model and the cost of extinguishing the loans already active. For the positive assessment of the consolidation practice, the reliability factor of the client affects, the absence of this in the databases of bad payers’ registers and the absence of any protests.

Astrofinance refinancing payment calculation

Required amount € 10,000
Duration 84 months
Monthly installment € 159.70
TAN 8.76%
APR 9.12%
Total amount due € 13,948.80

Astrofinance Bank

It is a financial company established in 1984, specializing in consumer credit, that is, in credit to families for the purchase of goods and services for private use. Since 2011 it is subject to management and coordination by Crediter Personal Finance SA – Paris (Crediter Group). In another 30 years of activity he has led the evolution of consumer credit in Italy by introducing innovative methods and strategies, which have made it one of the leading companies in the consumer credit market.

The activity is characterized by the speed and simplicity of funding practices. Furthermore, the company relies on an attentive staff that is ready to satisfy the customer’s needs.

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