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The Belgian territory has been fortunate to host Yoabank for many years (1989). It is a specialist in bank lending and forms of insurance dedicated to individuals. Their objective is to facilitate the financial security of Belgian households with regard to purchasing power. Find out who Yoabank really is and the various credit offers that the organization offers to individuals.

All important details on Yoabank

All important details on Yoabank

Banks and financial institutions exist en masse in Belgium. However, Yoabank or Company for the financing of household electrical appliances exists since 1953 in Europe. Its headquarters are located in Brussels with a team of over a hundred experts. Its foundations were related to the conditions of the post-war period in France. In particular, provide consumer credit means for households wishing to acquire household equipment.

The company has recovered colors since time and has significantly evolved. She is currently a partner and representative of several financial institutions and retail chains in Europe. Among others, the BNP Paribas group, the company AlphaCredit and many others. Yoabank is known to be at the origin of scorings. It is a statistical means of assessing the financial risks of the banking environment. Renamed in the 1970s for establishing direct credit for individuals. Yoabank revolutionized the purchase of vehicles via credit financing.

Yoabank Belgium and its multiple consumer credit formulas

Yoabank Belgium and its multiple consumer credit formulas

Consumer loans allow an individual to buy consumable goods, services, carry out personal projects, organize events. In fact, installment loans are the most common in terms of consumer credit. Yoabank offers a wide range of loans to help you realize your projects with personal loans.

The list of the following offers is not exhaustive and each individual can contact Yoabank directly for tailor-made packages.

The personal loans to which individuals subscribe the most are:

  • The wedding loan: ideal for future brides who are planning to take out a loan to finance their wedding and make this day a unique moment. All expenses and expenses will be covered by the wedding loan.
  • The car / motorcycle loan: if you plan to buy a new car, ask for a car or motorcycle loan from Yoabank. You must, however, prepare your loan application file, since the loan officers will make a critical study of all requests to their service.
  • The holiday loan: this offer gives you the opportunity to travel for two or with family anywhere in the world. Just choose the place and plan your entire stay. Then ask for a credit from Yoabank and wait for the validation of your file. Once your request is granted and the administrative procedures completed, you receive directly your capital and can book your holidays.
  • The loan works: it is a formula for people who plan to make renovations in their home, remodeling outside (garden, facade, etc.) or indoor. By applying for a renovation or renovation loan, Yoabank will grant you capital to help you carry out your repair projects.

To access Yoabank’s personal loan offers, apply online for credit and complete the form, indicating all the necessary information: loan amount, monthly payments, projects, etc.

To find a custom loan, use a credit simulator to compare bank formulas in Belgium.

Yoabank and its financial options

Yoabank and its financial options

In addition to credit allocations, the company suggests other financial options. It offers insurance alternatives for more financial security.

  • Credit insurance to anticipate “hard times”. Yoabank advises borrowers to take out loan insurance formulas. Solutions to protect borrowers and lenders if the debtor were not able to pay his monthly payments (unemployment, death, accident, etc.). In this case, the insurance would cover the repayments according to the agreement.
  • A cash reserve card as a result of the loans made at Yoabank. The borrower will receive a balance that he can use as he pleases. He will, however, have to pay monthly payments with interest. Once all the credit in the card has been repaid, the formula is renewed. The card has a considerable advantage because of its ease of use. The owner can even withdraw money from the distributors.

Yoabank is committed to…

Yoabank is committed to...

The promises of financial institutions bind them to their customers. As an experienced creditor, Yoabank has made commitments to their borrower. The main commitment is to satisfy individuals in their quest for a formula adapted to their financial situation. In addition to the credit offers, the company provides a quality service to accompany you at each stage of the partnership. The company then takes care, to take into account all your needs, to better satisfy them. It puts at your disposal, advisors to customize your support and meet the best your expectations.

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